Vaginoplasty might sound very complex but it is not. It is generally the process through which the vagina can be constructed and repaired. Vaginoplasty aims to cure the vagina of different diseases or damages. With this process, one can treat critical medical issues such as any injury conceived during childbirth or complications related to pelvic floor disease. 

Apart from treating injuries, it can also transform a disfigured or infected vagina into a normal one. This is very helpful for transgender people who want to look, act and feel according to their perceived gender. One thing to note is that there is no fixed procedure for Vaginoplasty as it largely depends on the injury, the desired goals, medical needs, and the different surgical techniques used by the surgeons. 

During the change of a normal vagina to a transgender vagina, the male external genitalia is slightly removed. Generally, the skin of your penis and scrotum will be used to create a vaginal canal.


Conditions when you need Vaginoplasty


 There can be many circumstances when one should opt for Vaginoplasty but listed here are some of the conditions when one should think about for opting Vaginoplasty:

  1. People who seek to repair their injuries or mental trauma that they conceived while giving birth to a child to improve their sexual functions

  2. Women need the reconstruction of their vagina after going through radiation or excision of their vagina during the treatment of cancer. 

  3. Transgender people who want to change their vagina to attain their desired gender

  4. Women who have been suffering from congenital abnormalities (the abnormalities which are present from the time of birth), which in turn affect the vagina. 

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