Liposuction is a type of plastic surgery done for the removal of fats from the body. It can be done for two reasons. First, the person is willing to attain the desired contour, and second, it is medically required to get rid of extra fat for a healthy body. It is not performed on the complete body as a whole but various parts separately like you can have double chin liposuction, neck lifting liposuction, axilla liposuction, arms liposuction, tummy liposuction, chest liposuction, hips liposuction, thigh liposuction, buttocks liposuction, calf liposuction, love handles liposuction, six-packs liposuction, upper back liposuction, inner thigh liposuction, and outer thigh liposuction.

This surgery can be performed under local, general, or regional anesthesia and uses a cannula for sucking out the fat by applying negative pressure. It is used to remove that fat that is still intact even after diet and exercise. The person must be evaluated well through all the possible tests before the surgery. This procedure works miraculously well for those who have good skin tone and elastic skin so that their skin gets moulded easily as per the new contour.


Liposuction is performed in two ways-


A. Tumescent liposuction

It is the traditional way of liposuction where a saline solution is injected into the requisite area. This solution, along with epinephrine and lidocaine, makes it easier and less painful to suck out the fat.

B. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction

As the name suggests, this procedure uses sound wave energy to burst the cell walls of fat that makes it liquefied to be easily suctioned out.

The results are generally long-lasting provided the patients follow the prescribed diet chart and exercise. 

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