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A hair transplant is a process of surgery in which the surgeons fill up the bald area by moving the hairs into the head. Generally, the bald spot is filled with the hairs on the back and side of our heads. The process of surgery for hair transplanting is always done in a proper clinic, along with injecting local anaesthesia so that the individual does not feel pain while the process. The main reason for a massive amount of hair loss is Pattern Baldness, a genetic cause that can happen to anyone. There are other factors also due to which baldness occurs these are: -

   1. health factor

   2. hormone problem

   3. medicine side effects

   4. unhealthy diet plan

   5. Stress due to peer pressure.

There are so many benefits for a Hair Transplant surgery such as, the surgery eliminates total baldness and gives a clear natural looking hairline which helps in restoring hair. The surgery also leads to improve the individual’s confidence and boosts up the appearance. After the surgery, the hair gets so low maintenance for the hair and also grows a hair with improvised strength and texture. The surgery is very cost effective and is nearly painless which helps in recovering faster than usual surgeries. The highly preferred hair transplant surgeries are of two types;

     1. Follicular Unit Extraction

     2. Bio Hair Transplant

This type of Hair Transplant surgeries is one of the best and widely chosen by patients as this follows a painless procedure and fast recovery with affordable price rate. Let’s now know about the procedure in details along with the benefits of these surgeries.

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