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The gender-affirming surgery provides transgender people with a body which aligns with their gender. It can involve processes in the facial, chest, or genital region. The most common transgender surgery option includes Facial reconstructive surgery, which makes facial features more masculine or feminine. The bin or top surgery can remove breast tissue and help to provide a more masculine appearance or enhance breast size, which will help to showcase a feminine appearance. The bottom of the genital surgery helps to transform and reconstruct the genitalia. According to survey reports, 1 in 4 transgender and non-binary individuals choose gender affirmation surgery. The process of this surgery depends upon the area of surgery. 

There are many beneficial characteristics of gender affirmation surgery. Research has proven that transgender people who have chosen gender affirmation surgery experience long-term mental health advantages. It also has cons, but these complications' significance is very rare. So, individuals can go for gender-affirmation surgery with nearly not much risk. This surgery's main motive is to give or match an identification for their gender. 

Sometimes, individuals experience dysphoria, which leads them to undergo gender affirmation change. There are mainly five types of gender affirmation surgery individuals undergo, namely: -

     1. Facial feminization 

     2. Transgender rhinoplasty 

     3. Chest surgery

     4. Bottom surgery

     5. Scrotal surgery 

This surgery has a minimal risk of complications such as bleeding, infection and side effects of anaesthesia. Most individuals who have chosen these surgeries have experienced an improvement in their day-to-day life. 94% to 100% of people have reported feeling satisfied after the surgery. 

However, individuals who have worked with their mental health provider before the surgery have experienced more satisfaction with their surgery results.

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