Traditional Circumcision

The traditional surgical method is the method of open circumcision surgery, in which the surgeon cuts through the penis and removes the foreskin. This surgical method requires heavy anaesthesia as the surgery has wounds and stitches. This open circumcision takes much time to recover as the procedure is very critical compared to others. The recovery requires more than ten days, and the patient is advised to be in the hospital. In addition, the surgical process is so critical that a slight mistake can lead to severe complications.

There are some of the precautions which are to be maintained, such as:

1. The patient should consult the doctor before getting involved in physical activities as it might result in severe damage.

2. More pressure in the penis can cause penile damage, which cannot be cured by revision circumcision.

3. Listen to the doctor and rest till the time advised to the individual, or it can cause trouble.


1. The surgeon first injects a heavy dose of anaesthesia so that patient does not feel any pain.

2. Then the surgeon cuts the foreskin’s upper part and removes the foreskin of the penis.

3. Then the cuts and wounds are cleaned and stitched correctly.


1. This reduces the risk factors such as suffering from UTIs.

2. Protects the individual from deadly diseases like penile cancer.

3. The traditional method also helps in preventing suffering from balanoposthitis.

4. It also reduces the chances of phimosis and paraphimosis, which severely damage a child.

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