Scrotal Web Correction

Scrotal web correction is a surgical process in which the extra skin attached to the scrotum is removed. Sometimes in the worst-case scenario, the attached skin reaches the tip of the penis and creates a massive problem during urination. This situation also causes trouble while having sex, in which the penis seems smaller than the actual size. Hence, this surgical method helps the individual and removes the extra layer of skin over the scrotum. The surgical method is a bit complex but has many benefits for the individual.

Due to this problem, some individual loses their confidence and feel demotivated, which is a very poor situation. Furthermore, the scrotal webbing can also cause prevention in the flow of urine, which can cause significant damage.


1. First, the surgeon will apply anaesthesia cream and inject local anaesthesia.

2. Then the surgeon will cut the extra layer of skin between the scrotum and the penis.

3. After cutting, they will trim minute extra skin layers and stitch the area.


1. The surgical process boosts the confidence of an individual.

2. The process provides comfort while moving, such as walking or running.

3. This surgery helps the penis look more prominent than before.

4. The surgery helps in the improvement of sex life.

5. The surgical method eliminates pain caused by the extra layer of skin.

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