Revision Circumcision surgery

This surgical method is a unique method of circumcision surgery. Revision circumcision is mainly done because sometimes basic circumcision does not give good results. In this procedure, the foreskin of the penis is removed, and the surgery is revised so that no trouble is caused after the discharge. The main reasons for which the basic circumcisions are revised are:

1. The most common reason is that sometimes after the basic circumcision, some part of the foreskin is left, which may create a problem later.

2. The revision is also done so that the penis is prevented from going into the situation of a buried penis.

3. The circumcision revision is done if the individual suffers from a penile skin bridge which is one of the worse situations for a child.

Just like the basic circumcision, there are similar rules which are to be followed by the child's parent so that the child does not get any pain or pressure on the area of surgery. This might create trouble after the revision too.


1. The revision circumcision is done under a sleeve surgical technique in which the foreskin is removed from where it was pulled earlier.

2. The baby is given general anaesthesia in the form of injection or a lotion so that the procedure remains painless.

3. After the anaesthesia, the urologist will investigate and revise the previous surgical area and cure it.


1. The process reduces risk factors such as infections.

2. The surgery prevents penile skin bridge.

3. The penis gets retracted and prevents further problems.

4. After the surgery, no inflammation is observed.

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