Basic circumcision surgery

Basic circumcision is a surgical procedure mainly done on newborn babies. The surgical process is mostly done for personal and religious interests. Sometimes, this surgery is done on older males and teenagers on the notes of religious aspects. Generally, the foreskin which covers the tip of the penis is removed, and it takes at least seven to ten days to recover.

There is some advice to follow which are required to be followed, such as:

1. Hold your baby firmly when the effect of anaesthesia fades so that the baby does not feel scared.

2. Do not apply much pressure on the child; this can hurt the child and might create some trouble.

3. After the surgery, handle the baby gently so that no pressure is applied to the penis. This can provide severe damage and pain, which is unbearable for a small child.


1. First, the newborn lies on the bed, and anaesthesia is provided to their genital area.

2. After applying the anaesthesia, a special surgical clamp is attached to the penis to hold the place properly.

3. When the surgeon sees the area is held correctly, the foreskin is then removed firmly.


1. The surgery makes the cleaning easier for the individual.

2. A circumcised penis reduces some risk factors like UTIs and sexually transmitted diseases.

3. The penis gets retracted, which does not cause any trouble like inflammation in the area.

4. The surgery also reduces the factor of suffering from penile cancer, which is a very problematic situation.

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