Aesthetic Genital

The aesthetic genital surgical process is mainly done to increase sexual needs. The procedure adds fat to the penis's girth, which lengthens the penis. The process can also be done by releasing some suspensory ligaments and other convenient methods. The surgeon first discovers the problem with the man's genital area and then undergoes surgery. Every man has a penis of different size, shape and length, and every case has a different demand. Hence, it is first investigated thoroughly, and then the surgery is done.

The most important thing is that every man should be confident enough with what they have because surgery can help them reframe the genital area. Still, self-esteem is the priority to be maintained, or the motivation might create trouble for the individual.


1. First, the man is injected with a heavy dose of general anaesthesia.

2. Then the surgeon continues the process as per the desired result.

  There are two types:

    1. Penile elongation surgery: In this process, the ligament between the penis and the lower pelvis is cut, and the penis is made more visible.

    2. Penile girth enhancement: In this process, the thickness of the penis is increased by adding fat from other body parts.


1. The patient feels much more motivated than usual.

2. The sex life becomes better than before.

3. It prevents from suffering from diseases which can cause massive damage.

4. It provides comfort during movement.

5. The individual gains self-confidence, which helps him in daily life aspects.

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