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I have been looking for a nose correction for a long time. Finally got it done with the best plastic surgery clinic. My rhinoplasty result is just awesome...

Ruchita Padhara

Surat, Gujarat

Wonderful experience. The staff are great, the facility is state of the art, and everyone is very friendly. Dr. Sakhiya was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I am very satisfied with the results and would recommend everyone come to Dr. Sakhiya Plastic Surgery Center for any cosmetic needs. especially for Vaser Liposuction.

Jenish Patel

Ahemdabad, Gujarat

The Most Effective Hair Transplant Surgery I had at Dr. Sakhiya's Plastic Surgery Center. I feel really very comfortable during my surgery because they treat me so well. I must say, the staff is so cooperative and the hospitality centre is so great. I like it so much. Really good centre for hair transplant surgery. Highly recommended.

Tejash Kuhadia

Navsari, Gujarat

The Best Hair Transplant Surgery Center The best part about Dr. Sakhiya's Plastic Surgery Center is the cleanliness, better hospitality, and the good and cooperative staff. should go for hair transplant surgery.

Nimisha Patel

Navsari, Gujarat

I am really satisfied with my Augmentation Mammoplasty at Dr. Sakhiya's Plastic Surgery Center, and in addition, the hospitality of this center is so very good in terms of staff politeness and aftercare activities. Hygiene is also maintained well, that's what I feel and notice over here... overall best experience.

Jiya Nimbark

Surat, Gujarat

I have very good feelings about my eyelid surgery. First thing is the surgeon is so knowledgeable. All the staff are very friendly. The hospital is very clean. I’m very happy with my surgery. Thank you Sakhiya Family.

Shobhna Patel

Navsari, Gujarat

I had the best experience with Dr. Sakhiya’s Plastic Surgery Center and all of their staff, especially with nursing care. One of my friends recommended it to me, so I committed to going to Dr. Sakhiya’s Plastic Surgery Center! My previous surgery was successful, and I am now amazed by the results of breast reduction surgery. I feel comfortable and confident because the environment over here is so homely. All over, the best experience. I am very happy and satisfied. I highly recommend it if you are a hygiene seeker and your concern is the result.

Krishna Sutariya

Surat, Gujarat

The best hair transplant surgery was done in Dr. Sakhiya's plastic surgery centre and I also got good results. I recommended my friends and relatives do surgery in Dr. Sakhiya's plastic surgery center. I also need to explain something about providing the best hospitality services while in bed. and also care for the patient and make regular calls for follow-up. I have had the most amazing experience during my surgery. Thank you, team Dr. Sakhiya's plastic surgery center, and a special thank you to Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya for providing the best consultation and proper guidance regarding treatment and surgery for each and every patient.

Pankaj Lathiya

Surat, Gujarat

I had done my Liposuction for Love Handle i was so worried cause after so many efforts in gym i dont found any change not even little. One of my friends recommended Dr. Sakhiya's Plastic Surgery Center for Vaser Liposuction for Love Handle and now I am so happy because my burning concern is solved.


Surat, Gujarat

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