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We very regularly receive patients from abroad who come for Plastic Surgery with us. Most of our NRI clients visit from USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Africa and many more.

If you are visiting from abroad or coming to India for a short trip, following are few tips that may help you take decisions regarding your Plastic Surgery session.

Steps to be followed for out NRI patient right from consultation to the day of surgery:

Whenever you decide to approach our centre for your Plastic Surgery, kindly follow the following steps:

  • Step-1

    Contact us on our Whatsapp number +91 9313923383 or by email info@drsakhiyasplasticsurgery.com Once you contact us, our medical counselor will ask you to share pictures of your concern region from different angles.

  • Step-2

    The pictures will be studied by our surgeon and we will get back to you if you need medicines or any surgery. In case of any surgery, we will inform you about the approximate time which will be taken for the surgery, how much area would be covered with either options and what would be the approximate budget of the surgery. If you have any more questions to be answered, they can be communicated by Whatsapp.

  • Step-3

    We will provide proper counseling by expert Medical counselor and further we will share basic links and data for patient’s knowledge enhancement.

  • Step-4

    We will be going through online consolation using teledermatology concept for plastic surgeon consultation which will help you to the better decision making & understanding.

  • Step-5

    Once you have understood the procedure and your doubts are cleared and you want to fix up a surgery, you will be given a tentative date for the surgery. Once you agree with the tentative date, you need to deposit certain amount in our bank account. Which will be communicated to you by our counselor, so as to book and freeze that date for you.

  • Step-6

    Your will receive regular communications from our center. In case you need to change the date of surgery, we request you the do the same as early as possible to avoid disappointments with the dates and to make the schedules better planned.

  • Step-7

    Between one to two weeks before the scheduled date, you will receive a call for instructions to be followed for the preparation of the surgery. You will be instructed when you need to do. You would also be given instructions on any medication which need to be taken before the surgery.

  • Step-8

    The day before the surgery you will receive instructions regarding the medications to be taken, time of reporting for the surgery, preferable clothes to be put on and any doubt you have regarding the same shall be cleared. (shirts are more comfortable to put on after the surgery than t-shirts depends upon the surgery)

  • Step-9

    You must attend the clinic on the day of surgery.Our medical counselor will assist you with the time, and the location is easily accessible via navigation, or Whatsapp location. When you arrive, you will consult with our plastic surgeon. The consultation will include a body measurement, marking, and noting of history in the file by the plastic surgeon. You would be briefed on the procedure once more. After the discussion, you will be given an estimated completion time and stay time so that you can plan your return transportation accordingly. You will then be directed to change your clothes and complete the formalities of discharge as well as further follow up and medicine. When you are prepared, the procedure to make you look younger and more vibrant will begin!

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