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Can women go for hair transplant?

Hair loss is a very common and serious problem for everyone out here, whether you talk of male or female. It's just that their hair loss pattern is changed. Who doesn't love hair in good quantity on their scalp? I guess everyone does.

The whole hair loss is not recovered by adopting a good diet and supplements. Hence, people go for hair transplant for regaining lost hair. There are various patterns and reasons for hair loss in women. Some of these are alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, hair loss associated with the deficiency of iron and vitamin B12, etc.

People have various myths and doubts about this treatment. Some even doubt whether women can go for this treatment or not. The answer to it is 'yes'. Women can go for hair transplant, it's just that they also have to consider certain things and take certain precautions to avoid any risks or infections. Hair transplant in the following circumstances is of immense help in the case of women.

1. To remove scars

Scars occurring due to trauma, technically known as scarring alopecia, can easily be covered and filled in with hair transplant surgery. This successfully removes the visibility of hair loss patches and improves the look in total.

2. Hair loss in male pattern

This is the general form of hair loss in women. In this case, the woman loses hair from the crown, front, and top. The hairs on the sides and back are strong and perfect for being the donor area. 


3. Losing hair due to a facelift procedure

It is pretty common for women to lose hair from certain areas on the head after getting the facelifting procedure done. People also get scars due to this procedure which enhances the visibility of hair loss.

4. High hairline

Women with higher hairlines are disturbed by their looks. Short hair from the front and side does not give an aesthetically good and feminine look. In that case, the hair transplant surgery turns out to be a saviour and is the best decision for the patient.

5. For transgender

It is very helpful for those men who are converting into women. Transgender go for this transplant to get a more feminine face.

6. Hair loss due to pulling of hair

The hair can be pulled due to any reason, say hairstyles, heating tools, anxiety, or anything. Technically, such situations are known as traction alopecia and trichotillomania. The blank patches formed due to hair loss can be filled by using a hair transplant but the reason for hair loss must be avoided in order to reduce hair loss in the future.

What To Consider Before Hair Transplant? 

There are a few things that women need to consider before opting for a hair transplant, some of them are mentioned below-


     1. Reason
The major concern must be finding out the actual reason(s) for hair loss. It could be anything, right from any disease or treatment, genes to hormones, injuries, diet, or lifestyle. Hair transplant surgery turns out to be highly effective in such cases.


     2. Age
This is also a prime factor to be considered before deciding to go for a hair transplant. The lesser is the age, the higher are the chances of a successful surgery. The pattern of hair loss also depends on the age and accordingly goes the hair transplant procedure.


     3. Budget
This is yet another factor to be considered while deciding about the surgery. This is really a very expensive surgical procedure and the cost depends upon various factors. Hence, scan all the factors, sort the relevant and irrelevant ones, and choose accordingly.


     4. The surgeon
This surgical procedure requires skill and expertise. Hence, evaluate the history and details of the surgeon before finalizing. No need to collect secondhand information, you can straightforwardly ask the surgeon or their staff about the number of surgeries performed, their before and after photographs, their qualifications, experience, or direct reviews from the patients.

     5. Type of surgery performed
There are three types of hair transplant surgery. You need to visit a surgeon who can guide you in this and suggest you the appropriate surgical method that suits you the most. Discussing this entire well in advance is a must.

     6. Certain miscellaneous things
There are various small yet crucial things to be considered like the risk factor involved, the expected recovery time, and the normal success rate of the hair transplant surgery. It may come up with normal adverse reactions like pain, redness, itching, swelling, scarring, etc. It gets better in non-smokers.


The Final Words
So, considering the aforementioned points, women can very well go for hair transplant surgery exactly the way men go. Hair transplant surgical procedures can elevate self-confidence by improving their overall personality.


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